About Us

It started by a pool, in Cambodia, with a newspaper. In 2018, two travelers met and bonded over adventure, politics, beer, and sunshine. In the months that followed, that bond would grow and become a loving partnership who’s two parts decided to put solo travel behind and hit the road together.

The-Nomaddicts was born after realizing that is exactly what we are. Two people hooked on exploring every corner of the globe. It was just our lifestyle and nothing else until we decided to hitchhike around Africa. To us, this idea was a logical next step, just another adventure. However, the more we researched and the more people we talked to about this simple adventure, the more we realized it was going to be much more than that. We were about to embark on a journey that had the potential to be something bigger than we had experienced. Something more than just boarding a plane and hitchhiking around a country. We recognized that we had the opportunity to use our privilege to document our journey in a way that could alleviate the fears people have about travelling the way we do in places often unfairly stigmatized as unsafe to visit.

Traveling is not always a rosy picture and things are not necessarily better because they are different. We hope to publish a perspective of honest travel experiences of both the good and the bad.

In many ways this project is evolving as we create it and allowing that to happen is all part of it. So continue to follow us and find out about the world as we do.

The Dynamic Duo

Gabe is from Canada. He has been to every continent besides Antarctica and prefers to travel barefoot. He loves mischief, films (but only the good ones), and most everything else except almonds and describing himself.
Sarah is from the US. She enjoys cooking, lap cats, drinking wine and theatrical sing-alongs. She is currently working on overcoming a fear or heights and an inability to keep her mouth closed in pictures.

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